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Yours Chronotype/ Ваш хронотип

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1Yours Chronotype/ Ваш хронотип Empty Yours Chronotype/ Ваш хронотип в Вт Авг 04, 2015 6:44 am


Yours Chronotype/ Ваш хронотип Mctq
How and why does the biological clock tick? We all know that individuals show distinct preferences for various activities over the course of a day. A simple example is the time at which an individual prefers to go to bed and to get up. With the help of this questionnaire, we aim to understand the underlying complexity of the biological clock and individual differences in the biological clock, as shown in everyday behaviour. Once your questionnaire has been submitted, an automatic evaluation of your CHRONOTYPE (your personal profile) will be sent to you via email. You will see how your results compare to the ones of more than 50,000 other individuals that have so far filled out the questionnaire. After submission of your questionnaire, you will also be provided with a link to relevant literature. If you are interested in this feedback, make sure to provide a correct email address.

We kindly ask you to provide your name and address to enable us to contact you again in case your CHRONOTYPE is of particular interest to our study. Please also give your exact postal code, so that we can compare chronotypes living in different geographical locations (longitude and latitude).

We ask you to provide information as to your age, height and weight, in order to see whether these influence your sleep habits. ALL personal information is strictly protected by the rules of the University of Munich Ethics Commission and will not be visible during data analysis. Your address can only be accessed by Prof. Roenneberg and will only be retrieved in case we are interested in more specific information from your part. Please read the separate document about confidentiality prior to filling out the questionnaire.
This questionnaire is also available in German, Dutch and French. As of yet, we do only have personal chronotype evaluations in German and English. Evaluations for the French and Dutch questionnaire will therefore be sent in English.

Please try to answer ALL questions, even when an answer seems difficult! Spontaneous answers are often the best.

Please help us in the evaluation of your data by providing unambiguous time references (e.g. 23:00 rather than 11:00 PM).
Confidentiality policy
All of the information you provide in the Chronotype questionnaire is covered by the provisions of the Ethics Commission of the University of Munich and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Your personal information (name and address, etc.) will be coded and stored separately from your sleep and activity data, allowing an anonymous analysis of your data. Only the head of the Centre for Chronobiology, Prof. Till Roenneberg, has access to your personal information which will solely be retrieved in case we wish to contact you for further inquiries. This will only be the case if your information indicates that you are of outstanding interest to our study (typically less than 5% of all participants). By filling out the questionnaire, you are under no obligation to any further participation. Your personal information will under no circumstances be released to a third party, and will be erased at completion of the study.
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2Yours Chronotype/ Ваш хронотип Empty Re: Yours Chronotype/ Ваш хронотип в Вт Авг 04, 2015 9:53 am


FF пишет:This questionnaire is also available in German, Dutch and French. As of yet, we do only have personal chronotype evaluations in German and English.

I don't speak French or Dutch anyway. Cool

А что у нас там в правилах на предмет русскоязычности форума сказано, не припомнишь? Rolling Eyes


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